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Unwound is the true story of entrepreneurship -- the often not-so-happy endings that don't see the light of day. Senturia tells a story of failure with a perspective and poise that's rare among even the most successful of founders. Every prospective entrepreneur should read this book, not as a warning, but as an examination of the actors and their behaviors in difficult circumstances.

                        --Matt Goldstein, Partner at Microsoft Ventures

Senturia takes us through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey with humor, insight and clarity. The story gives a peek into the mind of those who battle with the challenges of trying to build something new -- when the odds are against the entrepreneur but one is driven to persevere until the end. Everyone can learn something from this story.

                        --Robert Siegel, Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Partner, XSeed Capital

As a lifelong entrepreneur I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book—a refreshingly candid dive into the blood, sweat, and failure inherent to entrepreneurship.  Sure to inspire anyone who reads it.

                        --Levi King, Founder & CEO of Nav

Unwound is a real life drama of the entrepreneurial roller coaster - full of practical lessons revealed through entertaining, witty prose layered with a refreshing dose of humility.

                        --Beaver Theodosakis, Founder of prAna

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