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Entrepreneurial Success as Told through the Lens of Failure


Failure’s a bitch. But it happens especially in entrepreneurship. Most tales of failed startups come from entrepreneurs who have since navigated to success. Rarely, if ever, do we hear about failure in its immediate aftermath, in gory detail, from the entrepreneur in its midst.


When Ethan Senturia started his company, he didn’t set out to fail – in fact, he had a crystal clear vision of success. But, as he ran into adversity, he realized that everything he’d learned about running a business was about making sure things didn’t go wrong.  Nothing had prepared him to handle it when they did.


Even the most successful founders admit the path to victory is anything but smooth. Challenges, obstacles, and setbacks are inherent to entrepreneurship, and being prepared to lead through them – intellectually and emotionally – is a critical skill for the startup CEO.


Unwound: Real-time Reflections of a Stumbling Entrepreneur attempts to equip entrepreneurs to endure in the face of hardship whether their dream ends in a win or a wind down. It is a candid recount of everything one entrepreneur knew, wishes he knew, and has come to know about personal, professional, and psychological triumph in the entrepreneurial life, as told through the lens of its opposite.

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